Protect your business from currency fluctuations when buying and selling in a foreign currency

SmartHedge is the efficient, flexible and automated hedging service to minimise your risk and maximise your opportunities
Currency Hedging

Worldwide 43.4% of businesses that trade internationally don’t use currency hedging solutions. All others use instruments that are inefficient, costly and rigid.

Why Hedge

Currency fluctuations can cause catastrophic losses and reduce a business ability to grow. Between 2017 and 2020, EUR/USD exchange rate moved +/- 21%.

Why SmartHedge

Proven technology, experienced team and multiple currency pairs to give you ease of use and peace of mind. A defensive service: long-term view and intraday flexibility. 


The SmartHedge Service

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Ease of use &
peace of mind

Insert only a handful of parameters, SmartHedge does the rest. Turn the service on and off within minutes. Get real-time, total and detailed visibility via dashboard. Quick access to customisable reports.

Automated &

SmartHedge independently decides how much and when to hedge within the limits you choose. This service allows the  rebalancing, opening and closing of positions intraday.

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Low cost & low margin

Hedge against multiple currency pairs with low operating margin required. SmartHedge uses the most cost effective financial instruments that allows you to hedge as little as €1,000.


Real results over 6 years on EUR/USD (SmartHedge version 1)

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